My meticulous approach to magic ensures I do more than just entertain you, your guests and clients. I tailor my performances, and always do that extra amount for you to ensure I create jaw-dropping experiences you won’t forget.

My kind of magic includes:

Close up magic
Seeing is believing, and you will be bewildered by my close up magic that blends a twist of classic trickery with mind-blowing psychological misdirection and sleight of hand.

Close up magic brings any occasion to life and, over the years, I’ve developed my own special style that I call “going home magic”.

So, not only do I mesmerise as I mingle or sit at a table, bringing you and your guests into the magical action. But I also ensure you are so enthralled, thrilled and mind-boggled that you continue to marvel long after the event.

Corporate events

There’s nothing like a touch of magic to put some buzz into a corporate event. And my mystifying routines are perfect for easing the stresses and helping everyone to relax. 

Whether it’s performing for a group, a table setting or some team-building, I will tantalise you with my trickery and ensure your participants have a magical impression of your business.

What I try to achieve with team builds is that participants not only enjoy themselves, but take away a key underlying message. Teaching a fun, challenging activity like magic is an excellent way to overcome the "Not Invented Here" syndrome, in which teams and individuals show an unwillingness to adopt new ideas from outside of their experience.  

With my team building activities, your people can have a huge amount of fun while learning key lessons about what makes teams stronger and more productive. 

I should stress that team building isn’t something that suits a “one size fits all” approach. From my point of view, it’s important that I can build a picture of exactly what you want to achieve – as well as, perhaps, the roles and levels of the people I’ll be working with – so I can design a programme that delivers the right result for you.

With me, you hold the cards for a captivating corporate event!

Spectacular stage shows
I enjoy nothing better than providing spellbinding stage shows, leaving you gasping in bewilderment and joy. I guarantee you:

  • Extraordinary entertainment.
  • Spectacular display of magic.
  • Mystifying and memorable routines.
  • Original and classic magic with a twist.

As a stage magician, I’ve amazed audiences throughout the UK as well as around the world. And I baffle individual members of the audience as well as wowing the crowd as a whole as I weave my own quirky style of mind reading and mentalism and imaginative illusions.

Plus, no stage is too small and I’d be happy to provide you with show-stopping entertainment, whatever the setting.

Trade shows

The approach that I find most successful is to engage individuals as they pass your stand, rather than trying to gather a crowd. 

Typically, I’ll develop some bespoke magic especially for your show. That allows me to make your product the centre of the magic. I find that kind of approach draws in visitors and gives your stand the quality and memorability of a TV ad.

It also addresses the central problem of a trade show for you, as an exhibitor, that there are many stands, and attendees will typically only remember two or three of them afterwards. My aim will be to ensure that they are still talking about your stand and your product days and weeks after the event.

I will usually perform on your stand all day, because you never know when an important customer is going to walk past.

And I will try to meet you in advance of a show to demonstrate what I can do, and discuss what your strategic aims are for the show as a whole. This also helps me to learn about your product, so I can make it the heart of my routine and suggest some additional idea incorporating the magic that you might not have though of.


Your special day will always be memorable and magical. I would be delighted to provide some additional sparkle and entertain your wedding guests of all ages with a range of fun and friendly routines.

I’ll perform a mixture of original and traditional routines that incorporate psychological misdirection and sleight of hand. I use coins, cards and other objects, as well as unbelievable mind reading effects. I’ll also include a special routine that I only perform for weddings.

It will be my pleasure to help you have a day that everyone will remember for years to come.

Private parties
It is easy for me to say I can help make your party a magical experience for everyone who attends. 

But perhaps it’s better coming from Sir Paul McCartney who has kindly said: “If you're organising a party, book Robert — you are guaranteed a success.”

A party for family and friends? Your office do? A Christmas gathering? I will craft the perfect routines to genuinely mystify, electrify and entertain your guests – creating a real buzz and party atmosphere – from breaking the ice to keeping the party going.

I use coins, cards and other objects, as well as unbelievable mind-reading effects. I’ll amuse and amaze your guests and make sure everyone can relax and enjoy themselves. 

Magic Lessons

You can also rest assured that I don’t just teach simplified magic. I’ll teach you routines that could form part of the repertoire of a professional magician. I will, however, make sure that everything is tailored to your current level and abilities, whether you’re an absolute beginner or you already have some experience.

Experience says that you’ll make the best progress if we plan the lessons around what you want to learn, rather than following a set pattern - although I will, of course, suggest what I think is worth learning.